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Welcome to Zero news. If you have been directed here by me, you might want to go straight to the CHANNELS page to find the links and content you have asked for. Or go to the contact page to get hold of me directly.


Thank you to the people who have donated to the show and enabled us to go live and cover events! Thanks to everyone past, present and future. If you wish to donate, you should know at this stage, the show is still growing. So %100 of the donations go back into the podcast for equipment, travel and accomation. If you wish to donate you can do it via superchat on youtube. Or the better option is you can hit the donate button at the top of this page!






AVAILABLE NOW : Zero news T-shirts! Limited edition, when they are gone we move to another design. You can get them currently by contacing @neilbaxter on twitter, or contacting me at : They are available in all sizes, i will be setting up the shop on the site here very shortly so you will be able o buy them there too. It gives you something nice rather than us just asking for donations. Now mabe you will feel you are getting  just a little bit more for your money. Remember, funding is how we go and cover Tommy and all of the other big events coming up!

Welcome, this is Zero news: Season 3.

Zero News covers: Tommy Robinson, politics, mental health, ideology, religion, weather and philosophy.

This is an audience driven show, This is your chance to have a voice!

Zero news is a podcast. It is also the culmination of years of research and collaboration with other creative people. On my research I also studied what makes a good podcast. I have made many films and audios before. But not live and certainly NOT about politics, religion or Tommy Robinson. I wanted to create fiction and remain in my bubble

10 Months ago launched Zero News on Periscope, to a very modest audience, it grew quickly and was heavily focused on mental health. But we also covered many other subjects, one of them was tomy Robinson. I had far left trolls attempting to debate me, and failing and then reporting me as offensive. But I think the real problem started when my audience sponsored me(the first donations I ever received) to go to see Tommy Robinson. This was the end of season one so it was quite a large, and well trusted audience. After they sponsored me, some of them had their accounts destroyed, even though they didn’t make videos. And i found myself shadow banned. I was shadow banned for about three months, When it appeared to be over I dropped one of my tommy Robinson videos on YouTube.


It hit 20k viewers and caught me totally off guard. The MSM had failed to report anything, leaving people like me who were providing content. With all of those viewers seeking knowledge.


So I released more videos, some are studio podcasts. These are pre-recorded. Can be in any style, sometimes has effects etc. These are more polished. Some of the ones I have released have hit 12k. Not breaking records, but I have only been doing zero news on YouTube since February. So I expected like many other people that getting to one thousand subs would be a nightmare.


Before YouTube brought in the 1000 people to go live threshold, I was filming the brexit march on the 29th of July with Tommy and batten. And again recently I covered Tommy in his court case. I have been told I’m the best stream by a great many people. If that’s true I can’t say, I leave that judgement to you. What I do know is thanks to audience donations I have gone and filmed these events. And now I’m on 1400 subscriptions.

 We do live casts, we do phone in's via Zoom. We may do video calls. And we do one on one interviews in person or otherwise. We interview everyone from every class and background. I believe in free speech and that is one of the main goals of this site. To preserve free speech, to preserve a beautiful British culture. To try and find a way of bridging the gap by using my "sharetherisk" (iam sparticus) idea. I want us to build platforms, video and otherwise for free speech. And for broadcasters to stick together so if one falls the others can provide a platform. And I am here to help Tommy, in ways he isn't even aware of yet. Because he is most persecuted man in Britain. I want to show the truth and that’s what I do.

So anyways we have got to 1400 subs quite quickly and easily, the podcast like this website is still new, I am still finding what works and what doesn’t. And some subjects won’t be for you. Like any tv station just sip them. We are aiming for the stars though so please keep coming and subscribing, we want this channel to be huge and to cover tommy even more in depth no matter where he is. And I will be covering parliament all parliamentary groups. And I will be brining you a very different kind of "news".

I was unable to follow tommys campaign in person and that sucked. But i will be there for his trial on the 4-5july and other dates are coming up soon

Zero news: #Sharetherisk The death of political correctness. The rebirth of freedom of speech, the seriousness of our ignorance towards mental health, the way the mind works, and so much more. These ae some of the pillars that drive this channel


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