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  • Thank you for londons make brexit happen donations

    People pulled togther to make donations to get me to london. People have been asking constantly how to donate, i will get a proper paypal link in the next day or so. But for now if you wish to donate, then you can paypal me at I find it incredible that people have donated and that mre people want to. And please let me tell you, honestly. I dont have the money for this. I could not afford to get to london. Your donations will help me keep ads away, they will enable …

  • Zero news: Written articles, opinions, stories and reports.

    29th March. On the day we should have left the EU, we find the betrayal is truly on. Zero News, sponsored by its viewers is on its way to London to cover the "make Brexit Happen " demo by #UKIP and sponsored by #TRobinson. Who will also be speaking. I will cover the build up and the event, with you as my guide, feel free to ask me to be your eyes and ears. Although not complete i felt today is the perfect day to launch this site. My name is STORMSFURY, This. Is #ZeroNews Remember, #freespeech ca…


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