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    29th March. On the day we should have left the EU, we find the betrayal is truly on. Zero News, sponsored by its viewers is on its way to London to cover the "make Brexit Happen " demo by #UKIP and sponsored by #TRobinson. Who will also be speaking. I will cover the build up and the event, with you as my guide, feel free to ask me to be your eyes and ears.

    Although not complete i felt today is the perfect day to launch this site.

    My name is STORMSFURY, This. Is #ZeroNews

    Remember, #freespeech cannot be stopped if we use the #iamspartacus approach. The risk gets less the more of us that stand up, #sharetherisk my friends!


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    The story so far...(to be updated)

    Season 3 is well under way, the transition to YouTube whilst difficult has pretty much taken place. Considering how new this show is to this market, considering it a long way from perfect, the viewing figures are quite satisfying. Thanks to everyone that watches, comments likes, dislikes or subscribes, You all make it easier to keep pushing forward and keep trying to get it right.

    In just over a month we have got around 650 subscribers and counting, and we just pulled of our first “true” podcasts. A live conversation/interview with @Bolton Wanderer, two hours working live and it went very quickly and considering i had not advertised it. We had a god turn out and some great comments and questions.

    To see that episode go here, the most successful video of the last couple of weeks has been this one, the third episode of the season. I then filmed a part two live and made that episode 3.5. You can watch that here.

    I am working on at least one scheduled show a week so that you will all have a day and time when you know I will be on air. That’s where I give a lot of the show away to you, I may introduce a theme or a starting point, but often i let you dictate what you truly want to talk about. t can be quite fun, sometimes challenging. 

    I have a lot more ideas and "upgrades", but before I put them in print I will finish this current phase of setting up, and get the videos to a near finished quality, as they have a way to go yet. But it's getting easier each time and it's a lot of fun. People with opposing views are welcome, before you consider trolling however, consider that your opinion might be welcomed. That I have a lot more respect for someone that just says “i think you are wrong” than I do someone just making a loud noise.

    But here, at Zero news, I try and give as many people a voice as I can, so we can share a space in which we can feel safe speaking our minds in a common sense but not always politically correct way. Political correctness holds us back from getting to the issues, the real fight right now is for freedom of speech, not a cliché. But a very real gift that people are trying to take away. If it does go away it could be hundreds of years or more before it comes back.

    Like everything else, this site is in beta! This is something else that I will be working on over time. Once again, thank you for the support, please keep joining in and making it interesting, I hope you enjoy the show.



    Stormsfury says (04-Apr-2019):

    Thanks to everyone who donated to get me there! I could NOT have done it without you! Thank you all so much. And for the support, subs, likes, dislikes. any reaction is better than indifference. You have all been stellar. I hope one day soon you will see the scope that this channel, "channelled" by me can be an everyman's platform. From the lowest class to the highest profile. In time, I expect to hear from all those voices. That's not ego talking, but it is an ambition to make this work for as many of us as possible. I have to see how far this channel can go with your help. For 3 years I have visualised it. and everything is happening as I saw, except a hell of a lot faster! We have a long way to go. Your voice needs to be heard. I fear if they are not, violence is looming. I want to help prevent that by helping people get their message out there in front of as large an audience as possible. And of course, I will still have my work to do creating content for you...

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