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    Thank you for londons make brexit happen donations

    People pulled togther to make donations to get me to london. People have been asking constantly how to donate, i will get a proper paypal link in the next day or so. But for now if you wish to donate, then you can paypal me at I find it incredible that people have donated and that mre people want to. And please let me tell you, honestly. I dont have the money for this. I could not afford to get to london.


    Your donations will help me keep ads away, they will enable me to afford to do this podcast. Donations enable me not to"charge" anyone. meaning anyone on ANY budget will be able to watch it, as my cost's  will be coverd. This does cost money. Fortunatley a little can be made to go a long way


    i will be able to get bettter equipment for filming, and also for editing so i can get better videos out far faster. It all goes back into the podcast, except for that which buys me a coffee . Without you i can only keep going on the same level. i have put in all the funds i can affford. But eveery time you donate, every single time i can do something to make this better and i cannot thank you enough. The donations recently not only got me to london, but they took a lot of stess off of my back. trying to do this and runa life on a very low budget is not easy. You took away a lot of worry and that is worth more than money to me and wil never be forgotten.

    This show is yours.

    So again thank you to those who have donated already. And thank you to those that do in the future. I want to give you all credits but some eople like to stay anon. So if you would like me to give you a credit as an official sponser just contact me and tell me what name i can use for you and i will add you into the credits.


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