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This has the sae content as spotify and anchor(and IOS) Just a different platofrm for those that use it.

Zero news audio has different content and spotify is a platform it has just been launched from

I am having some tech issues, but butchute will be added shortly.

Telegram: details coming or ask

I am no longer on Facebook as...well it sucks right? I have also given up on discord, miwee(for now) and gab. If there is social media "prime" platforms or "alternates" you wish me to be on let me know ( and i will see if i can do something. More links will be added soon.

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                     Channels, Links and social media. Most of what people ask me for is here...

THIS, is Zero News. Primary Zero news chanel.

The honesty channel: A small channel focused on mental health in realtime.

This audio edition, like the others has been a bit neglected but I will be releasing more audios in the next few days. Soundcloud holds different content from ALL other platforms.

Spotify, google and anchor debut Episode one: a new beginning


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