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Zero news is audience funded. Thanks to the sponsors of this show, you. We can maintain balance and are answerable to no one, so there is no pulling of punches. Whether it's live or a "hindsight" studio podcast, i say what i think and so does the audience. This list is for the people that have donated. and for the people that have done something that has helped the podcast in some way. A roll of honour. If your name is missing, please let me know. This may take a couple of days to complete(24/5/19).

Donations so far have helped pay for or have entirely payed for te following. Prices are just approximations based on memory.

This is where your money has gone so far:

Google owes £116+$68

Portable studio (34)


travel (50x2)

Data (50)



Batteries (11)

Powerbank+s10 powebank  case (59)

Sd card (24.99)


Wirelessmic (12)

Interview mic(13.99)


(more to be added)

Zero news sponsors:


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